Water Purification Magic 500ml Pack (Same to Purigen)

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1. Be sure to put it in the filter tank, under the filter cotton, so that the water purification effect is doubled.
2. Seal it well after use to avoid dehydration, and the product will fail after being left to dry.
3. Use shrimp and coral tanks with caution. (Half the amount)
4. During the treatment of diseased fish, it is strictly forbidden to put in the water purification bag to avoid that the water purification bag has too strong adsorption and absorbs the effect of the medicine.



Instructions for use:
①Clean water for 1-2 minutes before use.
②Place the mesh bag in the filter tank, below the filter cotton, above the filter material, or where there is frequent water flow. (The effect of putting directly into the fish tank is slower)
③When the adsorption function of the water purification filter pellet is saturated (dark yellow), take out the water purification filter pellet and soak it in high-solubility salt water for 12 hours to restore.
It is cleaned once a month. It is recommended to buy the serving size twice and use it alternately.
④Use 260ML of this product for every 150 liters of water and 500ML of this product for every 300 liters of water. It is common to both sea and fresh water. (The effect of doubling the dosage is faster)
⑤ Due to the manufacturer’s production process and other reasons, the product will carry a certain amount of moisture after leaving the factory, which is a normal phenomenon and does not affect the use.
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